Menu Tradizionale Menu di San Valentino





Ingredients (10 pax)

800 gr. prawns

1 lettuce

500 gr. mayonnaise

200 gr. whipped cream or yogurt

grained salt t.t.

light blue coloring t.t.

salt and pepper t.t.

lemon juice t.t.



Shell the prawns and deprive them of the black thread.

Steam for 3 or 4 minutes and let them cool.

Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Place on the Saint Jacques shells a pinch of lettuce cut in julienne style.

Cover with tails of prawns and whip carefully with a Chantilly sauce obtained adding to the mayonnaise sauce the whipped cream (instead of mayonnaise sauce use yoghurt).

Place the Saint Jacques shells on the plate a sprinkle with light blue salt.




CAPPELLINI (thin spaghetti)



Ingredients (10 pax)

500 gr. sauce béchamel

500 gr. whipped cream

juice of 3 lemons

grated skin of a lemon

5 yolks of eggs

pistils of saffron t.t.

200 gr. Parmesan cheese

minced parsley t.t.



In a sauce-boat put the two sauces, that are the sauce béchamel and the whipped cream.

Flavour with the juice of lemon, grated skin of a lemon, the yolks of eggs, pistils of saffron, a little of Parmesan cheese and whisk the drained slightly underdone cappellini.

Serve on single place and spray with mince parsley.





1 kg. white flour

80 gr. semolina

9 eggs (gr. 450 also)

1 spoon of oil

salt t.t.

nutmeg t.t.



Shuffle the flour, semolina and salt.

Shape a fountain and put eggs lightly in the middle, beat the eggs and add a spoon of oil.

Mix thoroughly up to obtain a mixture, not too hard, and leave it resting for about half an hour.

Thanks to manual or electric stripper, obtain some layers 2mm thin and cut the cappellini with the right equipment (drawbench).

Cook with abundant salted water for 2 -3  minutes.








Ingredients (10 pax)

5 chests of chicken

200 gr. liquid cream

1 lettuce

carrots juice t.t.

spinaches juice t.t.

minced mushrooms t.t.

salt and pepper t.t.

extra-virgin olive oil t.t.



Beat the chicken's chests and do it again giving a square form.

Pass the scraps, flavour to the cutter with salt and pepper, lighten with the cream and mix.

Divide the mass so obtained into three the same childbirths, colour one with the juice of carrots, the other with the juice of spinaches and the staying minced with the mushrooms.

Stuff the chicken's chest alternating to the the carrots, a leaf mass of lettuce, the mass of spinaches, a leaf of lettuce and finish with the mass to the mushrooms; therefore roll up.

Spread an aluminium sheet, spray salt and a thread with oil and wrap the chicken's chest well pressed.

Brown in the pan for some minute and finish the cooking to the heart in oven (cooking 75°, final temperature).

Leave rest for some minute, therefore to slice to the French one and to serve surrounding with slices of potatoes to the butter, carrots and peas.

Lay the finished dish on a puff dough








Ingredients (10 pax)

3 apples

3 kiwis

 2 pears

2 peaches

2 bananas

 2 oranges

1 little basket of strawberries

1 pineapple in syrup vase

1  cherry in syrup vase

sugar t.t.

white wine t.t.

lemon juice t.t.

 maraschino t.t.

sugar to veil t.t.



Peel  the various fruits, cut them to cubes and season with lemon juice, sugar, white wine and maraschino.

Join, to finish, the bananas to washer and the oranges to stand out.

Serve  into a cup with a light dusting sugar to veil.