Presentazione Al Cucchiaio Antipasti Primi Piatti Secondi Piatti Dessert

Classe III Cucina a.s. 2001-02 - Chef: Pini Eliseo

Classe III Sala a.s. 2001-02 - Maître: Capalbo Francesca

Ass. Tecnici: Ghilotti Delia



Tradotto in Inglese dalla classe III Ric. - A.S. 2007/08

Translated in English by class III Ric. - School years 2007/08

Coordinamento: prof Alfonzi Pietro




Spoon dishes
Salmon tartar
Mousse goat
Cream and caviar

Fruit cocktail



Potatoes Millefeuille with octopus on the sweet peppers sauce  

“Carpaccio” of warm vegetables with olive oil and black pepper

Duck paté in a subtel layer of pasta - bouquet of salad and cooked must sauce



First course (Pasta dishes)
Handkerchief of bran mill with diced asparagus and cheese  fondue "Cademartoli"
Timbale aubergines and buffalo’s mozzarella  on caulis of tomatelli
Trofie with  light italian pesto in  waffle with ewe’s  cheese
Drops  of "scimudin" with  ragout (sauces of minced meat,tomato) of "pomcassè"



Seconds Dishes
Veal roast in saucepan “Mont d’or”
Hind-legs stuffed with small legumes
White chicken battered with whole flour, deep fried zucchini and a timbale of potatoes

Suprema d'anatra cotta in padella allo scalogno patata tornita alle verdure



Soufflé glacé flavoured with Grand Marnier
White chocolate mousse
Bavarian in the whipped cream
Frozen nougat with small salad of fruit