Cake of chocolate and almonds



150 g almonds

150 g sugar

100 g chocolate

60 g flour of potatoes ( fecula )

50 g butter

3 dl milk

4 eggs

Vanilla flavour



Peel, dry the almonds under the sun or on the fire and crush these in the  mortar within 50 g. sugar. Grate the chocolate. Mix the butter, the flour of potatoes and milk on the fire. When this becomes strong, pour the chocolate, the rest of sugar; then add the almonds and stir continually. When the compound is amalgamated, add the vanilla flavour and make cold. Put together the whisked eggs. With 100 g flour, prepare the Mr Artusi’s simple dough and pour this in a backing-pan where it becomes as large as a finger. Cook it in a country oven. Cut it when it will be cold.


Wine suggested::

Cellar “Virgona” 

Malvasia of Lipari

Passito DOC - Year 2006