Black rice with Florentine cuttle-fish



750 gr rice

1.3 kg cuttle-fish with bladder

2 lt fish stock

100 cl olive oil

100 gr onion

2 pieces of garlic

10 cl white wine

10 cl tomato sauce

Minced parsley



Extract the bladder from cuttle-fish that contains the black and conserve it. Wash the cuttle-fish and cut  in thin strips, clean, mince onion and garlic. To brown the onion with half of oil, add the garlic, lift the flame and add the cuttle fish, salt, cover and cook for 10 minutes with a little flame. Unite the rice, flavour one minute, add the tomato sauce and cook moistening gradually with the hot soup. Add salt, pepper and parsley. Cream with the rest of oil.


Wine suggested:

Cellar “Conti Sertoli Salis” 

Torre of Sirena Barrique 

Terrazze Retiche of Sondrio IGT 2007