Different croutons

The aperitifs

The Bread advised for these croutons is the white thin one from a loaf, at English style. If you haven’t got this, take bread with a lot of crumb and cut in square pieces large one cm. Smear it  with these compounds:


Caviar croutons

Mix together a lot of caviar and butter; if the caviar is hard prepare it with a ladle on a low fire. Instead of butter, use oil, add some drops of lemon and amalgamate these three ingredients.


Anchovy croutons

Wash the anchovies, remove herring-bone and fish-bone tweezers; add butter in proportion and crush the compound to reduce it as a homogeneous dough.


Caviar, anchovy and butter  croutons

Ingredients: butter 60 g, caviar 40 g and anchovy 20 g. Mix all together, prepare and reduce the compound thin and smooth.


Wine suggested:

Cellar“Conti Sertoli Salis” 

Spumante Brut M.C.