Mr. Pellegrino Artusi - Biography


Writer and gourmet, he is the recognized father of the Italian cuisine.

He was born the 4th August 1820 in Forlimpopoli, in those days, part of the Pontifical State; he lived in the Romagna countrytside until 1851  working  at the family grocer’s.

The 25th January of that year he and his family were victims of Passatore assault in  Forlimpopoli; they were victims of a theft, humiliated and violated, the Artusi’s family were transferred to Florence where took again the commercial activity.

Thanks to the successful activity, in 1865 Mr. Pellegrino Artusi left the commerce and started to dedicate to his passions as literature and gastronomy. He wrote a biography of Foscolo and a critique of 30 letters of Giusti, works that didn’t have particular success.

In 1891 he published “The cook science and the art of good eating”, cuisine and collected recipes manual; it was the result of the knowledge acquired in some of his travels in the North and the Middle Italy and experimentations about these recipes evolved by cooks of his house, Francesco Ruffilli and Marietta Sabatini. Suddenly the book became very popular, summarized in the 14 editions printed until the Artusi’s death (Florence, 30 March 1911).

The book contains 790 recipes, from soups to liqueurs, hors d’oeuvres, main courses and desserts. The structure of the book is didactic and recipes are with reflections and anecdote of the author. 

“The cook science and the art of good eating” formed a watershed in the gastronomic culture of that epoch. Artusi created a dignity for that “mosaic” of regional traditions, and developed, for the first time, a gastronomic “national” tradition.

“The cook science and the art of good eating”, is still today the text of reference of the Italian home cooking, it was reprint in a lot of editions and translated in all the main languages.