Tradotto in Inglese dalla classe IV TST - A.S. 2011/12

Translated in English by class IV TST - s. y. 2011/12

Teacher: prof Alfonzi Pietro


At the table with Mr. Pellegrino Artusi


from … “ The science in kitchen and the art of a good eating ” …

 [with this practical manual, says Artusi, it is enough to know how to keep a ladle in the hands!]


Recipe  review  from  Chef  Ruscio Pietro and Tognolini Claudio with the students of III Cookery A e B

Big Party at the hotel and catering high school "Dante Zappa" of Bormio to celebrate 150 years of the unity of Italy and commemorate, with the provincial Cooks association, the century of death of Mr. Pellegrìno Artusi, author of " The science in kitchen and the art of a good eating ", published as the "Bible" of Italian cuisine.

For the occasion it was predisposed a rich and variegated tricolour menu where nothing was left at the chance. From the colours green, white and red to the tastes, the coupling of wines, from those of the Valtellina to the "Malvasia" from Sicily, zone that remembers Garibaldi’s red shirts.

Art, poetry, history and gastronomic culture were united in an explosive mix thanks to Mr. Pellegrino Artusi’s recipes shown by the third Cookery course A and B’s students and their teachers Mr. Pietro Ruscio and Mr. Claudio Tognolini:

Vegetables tricolour Canapés

Black rice with Florentine cuttlefish

Tuna grilled with his side dishes

Chocolate and almonds pie

For this special celebration of Mr. Artusi’s century, special table companions have celebrated the event together. Most of these fellow guests were ex students (or teachers) at the hotel and catering high school of Bormio, now chefs at  prestigious hotels, worn of green band for the merit, or red for the seniority acquired on the matters (over 25 years of activity). Some of them are names of high Cookery.